Visiting Jacksonville

Visiting Jacksonville

Hello, Bruce here! Last month I visited a friend of mine up in Jacksonville. He let me stay at his house for the weekend, and it was nice catching up with him. The second night that I was there, I heard a loud boom come from the garage. Worried that it was an intruder, I grabbed a bat and went over and saw absolutely nobody. Thinking I had just imagined it, I just went back to sleep. The next day when my friend tried to open the garage, it just did not work. I knew it had something to do with the load bang that I heard the night before. After a quick inspection, we found that one of the springs on top of the garage door had broken and split in two, we knew this had to be the problem. We called a few different garage door repair companies in Jacksonville and finally stumbled upon the perfect company that can solve this issue, 911 Garage Door Services.

As soon as I called, the operator was very friendly and patient. I told him what the issue was, and he knew exactly what I was talking about. He also gave me a quote over the phone that sounded relatively cheap and promised to honor that quote. He ensured me that the technician would give me a call within 10 minutes to schedule an appointment and five minutes later, I got the call. This garage door service company is local and in Jacksonville, so I knew the technician would be there soon. About 30 minutes after I initially received the call from the technician, he showed up and was ready to work.

As the technician was looking at the broken spring, he confirmed what we had originally thought, that because the spring broke the door was not opening. He further explained to us that the springs are there to make the door lighter, so when one of the springs breaks, there is nothing aiding the door in opening. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds if you were unaware. The technician quickly resolved the problem and the price that I was quoted on the phone was the final price that I received from the technician. I can say that he was the best garage door repair technician in Jacksonville, hands down.

911 Garage Door Services offers a full range of services to their clients. They don’t just fix broken garage doors, but they also do maintenance and tune-ups. If, for some reason, you are in need of a brand new door, they can install one in for you within a matter of no time. They are also one of the few garage door repair companies in the Jacksonville area that operate 24/7, so regardless of when the problem occurs, you can give them a call, and they will come.

I would recommend the services of 911 Garage Door Services to my friends and family in Jacksonville in need of a garage door repair company. They are one of the most professional and knowledgeable companies I have ever dealt with. Hand down!

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