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The Real Bruce

body-coreHey, there it’s me Bruce Guthro again. I think it’s good that after my long absence that I talk about the truth here. I know why you’re all here. You’re all fans of the real Bruce Guthro, not the fraud that I am. The fact that I have made this page all about my interests is a sham that I must live with every day.

But now, I am ready to take the right step and tell you that now I am here. I am going to tell you all about my life for the last year and tell me if I am still to be judged. Two main factors have affected the way I live my life.

First was meeting Jeffrey Bass Sunrise FL. That is, of course, his name and the place that I met him at. Meeting him has helped me learn more about who I can be and how I should treat the world. His company Direct Messenger Services has been helping out South Florida since 1992.

Working with him as a receptionist has helped me learn more about how I can make things better in my own realm of work. It’s taught me to reach out and help more. I’m trying to transform myself beyond Star Wars and the feeble world it makes me stick with.

I’m trying to be a part of something more. I’ve volunteered to help out these mommy groups in Fort Lauderdale. I’m trying to do the most I can to help out everyone here, and the owner has been incredibly nice to me as well considering my history as a no good two-timing liar who can’t do anything right.

I don’t know if I’m going to make things better. But it’s a start. If we’re going to start moving in the right direction, I better at least start listening to Bruce Guthro. So here’s my favorite song by him at the moment.

Something about the lyrics of this song makes me think it’s about saying goodbye to a part of yourself. Not just your hometown. This guy has a way with words. Maybe I’ll add a blog about him or start a fan page! But I know that I still want to be the only Bruce Guthro. I just need to find out who that is first.

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