My Brother's Pool in Boynton Beach

My Brother’s Pool in Boynton Beach

Hello, Bruce here! Last Sunday my brother wanted to do a little barbeque at his house in Boynton Beach. He told me to bring my bathing suit, and that we can take a dip in his pool if we wanted. I had no complaints there. When I got to my brothers house I could not help myself, I just plunged into the water, and as soon as I got in, I got out. The water was freezing! My brother had no idea why, he claimed that he had turned on the heater. At that moment, we all expected that there was something wrong with the heater. So my brother called the one company that he always calls when he has a problem with his pool, the best pool repair company in Boynton Beach, Pro Pool Repair, Inc.

We did not expect someone to come out to the house on a Sunday to fix the heater in the pool, but my brother assured me that we would be okay. I was a little skeptical, but I was hoping that he was right. He called Pro Pool Repair, Inc. and to my surprise, they answered the phone. I do not know of another pool repair company in Boynton Beach that works on a Sunday. My brother asked them if they would be able to send someone to take a look at the heater and sure enough, they did just that. It took the technician about one hour to get to my brothers house.

As soon as the technician got to the house we told him whatever we knew, which was not much. He told us that he was on it. He checked the pool heater and noticed the problem almost right away. He gave my brother the price and reassured him that no other pool repair company in Boynton Beach would be able to match that, and he seemed very sincere. My brother accepted the price, and it took about 30 minutes for the technician to fix the heater. Shortly after that, I was able to jump into a pool that was nice and warm.

Pro Pool Repair, Inc. offers a large variety of different services for pools. If, for some reason, your pump, filter, or heater is damaged, they can fix it within no time. If you happen to have a leak somewhere in your pool, they can take care of that too. They also offer remodeling of pools including resurfacing, tiling, decking, lighting, fountains, and waterfalls. Many of those are services that many other pool repair companies in Boynton Beach do not offer.

Pro Pool Repair, Inc. is one of the best pool repair companies in the Boynton Beach area. If I hear of anybody that is in need of their services in the area, I will be sure to recommend Pro Pool Repair, Inc. to them. They offer full pool and spa repair and remodeling services, and their prices are extremely competitive. I am sure my brother is more than just satisfied with their service.