Hey Everyone

Hey everyone, I’m Bruce!

Hello, this is Bruce, and I have created this blog to share with everybody my passions, life experiences, hobbies, and things that I just happen to be a fan of. First things first, I am a native of South Florida born and raised. Florida is the perfect place for anybody to live. Yes, the weather is great, but that is not all that the great state of Florida has to offer. It has some of the most active nightlife, fine dining, and beautiful people that you will ever see. For me, Florida is more than just “where I live,” it is my home.

One of my favorite hobbies is definitely boating. I have a magnificent 27-foot boat that I take out at least once or twice a month. In Florida, it is almost a necessity to have a boat. Whether you like to fish for recreational purposes, or you just like being on the water and breathing in that fresh air. Many people are not aware, but in South Florida, having a boat can be used to meet and interact with new people. There are sandbars in South Florida where people meet and just enjoy each others company. You can hop out of your boat in the middle of the water and literally stand in the water and socialize with others.

One of my biggest passions has to be Star Wars. Yes, I know it is a little nerdy, but the storyline, characters, and moral dilemmas in the Star Wars Universe just intrigues me. There are aspects of the movies that we can also relate to ourselves in the real world. Watching the new Star Wars movie, there was a scene were all of the storm troopers were standing next to each other side by side listening to a speech. This scene felt terribly familiar like I was looking at some old footage of Adolf Hitler giving one of his speeches in Nazi Germany. The scene was a stark reminder of our past, something that we should never forget and try to never repeat.

Please tune in for more information. I promise never to disappoint. I may be very opinionated, but there is a method to my madness. You will almost definitely learn a thing or two from these blogs. Do not be afraid to ask me any questions and I would love to hear your opinions on the subject matters as well. Hope to hear from you guys soon! Be safe!