Brad & His Vacuum Trucks

Brad & His Vacuum Trucks

Hello, Bruce here. So my buddy Brad has an expanding sewer cleaning company up in Jacksonville. Yes, I know it sounds gross, but he actually makes a decent living doing it. Anyway, he is in need of a new truck for the increasing demand of his company. He asked me if I know where he can get something like that and I had no idea where to begin looking. I did a quick search on the internet and found a company relatively close to him called Vac-Con that sells, finances, and leases huge commercial trucks for different businesses, including his!

The sewer cleaning trucks provided by Vac-Con are state of the art. The specialized sewer cleaning machines have the ability to release water pressure close to 75 gallons a minute into a manhole. With this high pressure, the water can flush out tons of debris lodged in a pipe. Everything gets washed away, from sludge and grime to stones, bottles, and grease. The truck also comes with an air vacuuming system that can suck and dislodge debris and force it into disposal bins. The trucks produced by Vac-Con implement both of these systems together in their trucks. When the systems work together, the cleaning of sewer lines is much more efficient than just a single process.

Vac-Con also produces trucks with industrial vacuum trucks. These trucks have an onboard system of vacuum and water pressure that flows at variable rates o help clean up. All of the debris is sucked up then dumped into a debris tank. These industrial vacuum trucks usually have other components such as drop boxes, cyclones, and others to make sure that nothing being done is harming the environment or the people manning the machine.

What if your truck needs servicing? This truck is what ultimately put bread on the dinner table. Vac-Con offers servicing on the spot if your truck is not functioning properly. Their service department is a massive 26,000 square foot facility. If you want to know how to service your truck yourself, they have a training center with instructors who have years of experience in the field. If you happen to be on a late night job, and something is not functioning correctly, Vac-Con offers a 24/7 support helpline with someone always available to take you call. In case you need a new part for your truck, Vac-Con has an inventory of over $5 million in parts on sight. If you cannot make it to the site anytime soon, Vac-Con offers 24-hour parts shipment. Now that is some good service!

Brad ended up purchasing his truck from Vac-Con and is extremely satisfied. His customers are happy as well, always giving him positive feedback. For all those in the particular service industries of sewer cleaning, sewer flushing, hydro excavation, or in need of industrial vacuum trucks, you need to contact Vac-Con for your next work vehicle. No other company offers their services and quality products. I would definitely recommend Vac-Con to whoever is in need of their services.