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The Real Bruce

body-coreHey, there it’s me Bruce Guthro again. I think it’s good that after my long absence that I talk about the truth here. I know why you’re all here. You’re all fans of the real Bruce Guthro, not the fraud that I am. The fact that I have made this page all about my interests is a sham that I must live with every day.

But now, I am ready to take the right step and tell you that now I am here. I am going to tell you all about my life for the last year and tell me if I am still to be judged. Two main factors have affected the way I live my life.

First was meeting Jeffrey Bass Sunrise FL. That is, of course, his name and the place that I met him at. Meeting him has helped me learn more about who I can be and how I should treat the world. His company Direct Messenger Services has been helping out South Florida since 1992.

Working with him as a receptionist has helped me learn more about how I can make things better in my own realm of work. It’s taught me to reach out and help more. I’m trying to transform myself beyond Star Wars and the feeble world it makes me stick with.

I’m trying to be a part of something more. I’ve volunteered to help out these mommy groups in Fort Lauderdale. I’m trying to do the most I can to help out everyone here, and the owner has been incredibly nice to me as well considering my history as a no good two-timing liar who can’t do anything right.

I don’t know if I’m going to make things better. But it’s a start. If we’re going to start moving in the right direction, I better at least start listening to Bruce Guthro. So here’s my favorite song by him at the moment.

Something about the lyrics of this song makes me think it’s about saying goodbye to a part of yourself. Not just your hometown. This guy has a way with words. Maybe I’ll add a blog about him or start a fan page! But I know that I still want to be the only Bruce Guthro. I just need to find out who that is first.

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Brad & His Vacuum Trucks

Brad & His Vacuum Trucks

Hello, Bruce here. So my buddy Brad has an expanding sewer cleaning company up in Jacksonville. Yes, I know it sounds gross, but he actually makes a decent living doing it. Anyway, he is in need of a new truck for the increasing demand of his company. He asked me if I know where he can get something like that and I had no idea where to begin looking. I did a quick search on the internet and found a company relatively close to him called Vac-Con that sells, finances, and leases huge commercial trucks for different businesses, including his!

The sewer cleaning trucks provided by Vac-Con are state of the art. The specialized sewer cleaning machines have the ability to release water pressure close to 75 gallons a minute into a manhole. With this high pressure, the water can flush out tons of debris lodged in a pipe. Everything gets washed away, from sludge and grime to stones, bottles, and grease. The truck also comes with an air vacuuming system that can suck and dislodge debris and force it into disposal bins. The trucks produced by Vac-Con implement both of these systems together in their trucks. When the systems work together, the cleaning of sewer lines is much more efficient than just a single process.

Vac-Con also produces trucks with industrial vacuum trucks. These trucks have an onboard system of vacuum and water pressure that flows at variable rates o help clean up. All of the debris is sucked up then dumped into a debris tank. These industrial vacuum trucks usually have other components such as drop boxes, cyclones, and others to make sure that nothing being done is harming the environment or the people manning the machine.

What if your truck needs servicing? This truck is what ultimately put bread on the dinner table. Vac-Con offers servicing on the spot if your truck is not functioning properly. Their service department is a massive 26,000 square foot facility. If you want to know how to service your truck yourself, they have a training center with instructors who have years of experience in the field. If you happen to be on a late night job, and something is not functioning correctly, Vac-Con offers a 24/7 support helpline with someone always available to take you call. In case you need a new part for your truck, Vac-Con has an inventory of over $5 million in parts on sight. If you cannot make it to the site anytime soon, Vac-Con offers 24-hour parts shipment. Now that is some good service!

Brad ended up purchasing his truck from Vac-Con and is extremely satisfied. His customers are happy as well, always giving him positive feedback. For all those in the particular service industries of sewer cleaning, sewer flushing, hydro excavation, or in need of industrial vacuum trucks, you need to contact Vac-Con for your next work vehicle. No other company offers their services and quality products. I would definitely recommend Vac-Con to whoever is in need of their services.

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Johns Healthcare Facility in Orlando FL

John’s Healthcare Facility in Orlando

Hello, Bruce here! So my buddy John has a newly built health care facility up in Orlando. I wanted to check it out, so I drove up there last Saturday and was very impressed by what he was doing. The facility is fully equipped to take care of patients. There was one thing though the he did not have in the rooms that I knew he needed to get, TV monitors. He asked me if I can find a good company for him that supplies TVs commercially for purchase and installation. After doing a quick search on the internet, I found MDM Commercial, the perfect company for everything that he needs.Orlando Florida

MDM Commercial Enterprises, Inc. has been in business since 1990, equipping lodging and healthcare facilities. It is actually the country’s largest dealer of LG commercial products. They specialize in cost-efficient electronic, technology, and appliance solutions. Because of the buying power that MDM Commercial has established over the last 20 years, they can provide their products at a competitive price with a high level of quality customer service. MDM Commercial can help in getting you a fantastic guest or patient experience without breaking the bank.

At MDM Commercial, the latest equipment, and computerized technology is utilized throughout their operation to give you the best customer service available. No matter the size of your project, MDM Commercial has an experienced staff that will find the best solutions for you for a perfect retrofit or new installation. For same-day shipment, express orders are often available. MDM Commercial also offers affordable solutions like regularly scheduled deliveries and factory-direct drop shipping. MDM Commercial offers only courteous, quality, and professional assistance.

Affordable Medicare TechnologyMDM Commercial has a large inventory that can deliver hospitality and lodging products to you with customer support, consultation, and installation all in one package. MDM Commercial also offers flexible payment options and lease agreements that come with financing up to five years. MDM Commercial has the professionals that can handle all of your equipment challenges so that you can focus on your job.

MDM Commercial offer something that most other companies in their field do not come close to, educating patients. They offer a service called Journey Patient Education that offers advice on anything health related. If you are about to go into surgery or just got out of surgery, MDM Commercial provides pre and post-operative education. If you would like to know about diseases, wellness, or safety, they offer education on those as well. No matter where you are, educating patients is important to MDM Commercial. You can be in a hospital, clinic, or a home; the information is accessible to you anywhere.

Journey Patient EducationMDM Commercial Enterprises, Inc. is a company like no other. Whether you are looking for electronics or appliances for the medical field, or you need to know more about health in general, MDM Commercial is the company that you need to talk to. I will definitely recommend their services in the future to friends and families. They are definitely my go-to company when it comes to educating patients. You cannot go wrong with MDM Commercial.

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7 common Causes of back pain

7 Common Causes of Back Pain

It started off as just a twitch. Then the pain began to spread down to my back whenever I rode my bike. But I still didn’t think it was a reason to change my workout routine. I rode my bike and took kickboxing classes. I lifted weights almost every day. When it comes to what causes back pain, there are a lot of factors to consider. Things like someone’s workout routines, daily activities, and their posture when they sit.

When it came to my lower back pain, my chiropractor from Back to Mind Chiropractors told me it is usually caused by conditions affecting the bony lumbar spine or discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, muscles of the low back, internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, and the skin covering the lumbar area.

Here are seven common reasons for back pain:

You baby your back

Laying down can minimize the stress that is being applied to the lumbar spine. However, Laying down for more than one day or two days can prolong the back pain or make it worst.

You’re a slave to fashionred-patent-leather-pump-high-heel

We all know sky-high heels aren’t always the most comfortable, but most women still wear them to make a fashion statement. For someone with a back ache wearing heels can be the most dangerous thing because of all the pressure and stress that it puts on their spine.

You’re an emotional mess

Every good chiropractor will tell you that dealing with physical pain can take a toll on your mental health. Some studies show that people who suffer from back pain are more likely to be depressed.

You ignore your corebody-core

The core is consists of much more than just your abs,.the core also comprises your back, side, pelvic, and buttock muscles that all work with one another. Doing core workouts will help strength one’s core.

You’re a Screen Queengood-bad-posture

Spending most of your day hunched in front of your computer screen is a sure way to get back pain. Always practice good posture when you are on the computer, texting, or watching tv.

You like to light up

Believe it or not, cigarette smoking can also increase your back pain. If you are a smoker, then you have a higher risk of experiencing recurring back problems.

You sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach increases the pressure on your joints and muscles. Practice going to sleep on your back and sides to help decrease the pressure on your muscles and joints.

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Learning to Groom Pets

Learning to Groom Pets

How’s it going there, Bruce checking in! Everyone has goals in life, but turning a dream into reality takes hard work and the right training. My girlfriend has always loved dogs and basically treats them like people. She’s such a trendsetter and so stylish that a couple of weeks back I told her she should consider working at a salon. When I said that something just clicked in her head, and she shouted out, “what if I learn to groom dogs!” I thought it was an excellent idea, and I told her that it was not an easy profession to learn, but with her hard work ethic and fun personality, I was sure she would be a great fit. So we sat down and started to make a plan. It was obvious that she would need a formal education in order to make sure that she would know the different cuts for all the breeds. So without losing any time, we started looking for dog grooming schools in the Fort Lauderdale area. We wanted to make sure that she went to the best school because she won’t settle for anything less. That’s when we came across the Merryfield School of Pet Grooming.

From the first call when we made an appointment to visit the school, I knew we had found the right one. They have such a friendly and professional staff, which alone has made all the difference. Their facilities are top notch, with several classrooms, and even includes a Motel for pets. The instructors have a magnetic aura around them, whereby the dogs and cats that they work on have no fear when in their midst, its almost as if they can talk to them. All of them have won so many awards and championships and are so involved with animal shelters and veterinary care that I knew we were dealing with world renown experts.

Every day when my girlfriend comes home, she can’t stop talking about all the new things she’s learned or all the fascinating people she’s met. I am so happy that she is having such a great experience. Even though she expected it to be tough work, I don’t think she ever imagined just how in-depth the program would be, and that has helped her relax, knowing that she will be going into the job with tons of experience. With over 35 years since its founding, all the industry certifications and accreditations, a highly qualified team of instructors, and a hugely diverse curriculum, it’s no wonder that Merryfield School of Pet Grooming is simply the best. They might cut hair, but they dont cut corners – I was amazed to find out that the program consists of 600 hours of skill-based training where the perfect your speed, skill, accuracy, and confidence. After you complete this training you move on to a 100 hour externship. The best part is that they have an open door policy for graduates, meaning that if you ever want to learn a new thing or two, brush up on your grooming skills, or simply say hi to your instructors, you are always welcome back. I can definitely tell you this much, if live in Broward County and want to become a pet groomer, the Merryfield School of Pet Grooming is the place for you, I guarantee it!

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Theft at My Homestead Office

Theft At My Homestead Office

Hello, Bruce here! So my office in Homestead was broken into last night! The burglars broke the lock on the door, looked around the office for valuables that they can steal and left. They were caught eventually with the help of my security system, and all stolen items were returned to me. There was only one problem left, the lock on the door was still broken. I knew this was a job for the best local locksmith company in Homestead, Homestead Locksmith.

When calling Homestead Locksmith, I was greeted with a warm response, as always when I give them a call. I asked if they can send over my usual locksmith technician and it just so happened that he was available. They informed me that he would be giving me a call within the next ten minutes, and he did so. The technician told me that he would be arriving within the hour, and I told him that that would be okay. I did not bother to ask him for the price because I know that Homestead Locksmith always gives me the best price out of any other locksmith company in Homestead. Before you know it, the technician got to the office.

Once the technician arrived, we greeted each other like old friends. He did not seem to be in such a rush which made me extremely comfortable. I told him the story of what happened the previous night, and he told me not to worry, that he would take care of me. He gave me the price, which was of course very affordable, and got to work. He worked diligently, taking out the old lock, and replacing it with the brand new one. When he was done, I paid him, said goodbye, and he was on his way. The work was done just as I had expected the work to be done by the best locksmith company in Homestead, Homestead Locksmith.

Homestead Locksmith offers an abundance of other services as well besides just commercial offices. They can get your car unlocked if, for some reason, you have locked yourself out. If somehow you have lost your car key, they can make a new one for you on the spot. They also deal with residential houses. If you have locked yourself out of your house somehow, they can open up any door in your house and get you in. They can also take out your previous lock and replace it with a new one, as they did with my office door. They can also provide you with a new house key if you had lost your own. They are definitely a top notch locksmith company in Homestead.

Homestead Locksmith is the best locksmith company in Homestead, hands down. If ever one of my family or friends is in need of the service in the Homestead area, I will definitely recommend them to Homestead Locksmith. They also operate 24/7, so if you ever find yourself needing the service in the middle of the night, they can get to you in a matter of no time.

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My Brother's Pool in Boynton Beach

My Brother’s Pool in Boynton Beach

Hello, Bruce here! Last Sunday my brother wanted to do a little barbeque at his house in Boynton Beach. He told me to bring my bathing suit, and that we can take a dip in his pool if we wanted. I had no complaints there. When I got to my brothers house I could not help myself, I just plunged into the water, and as soon as I got in, I got out. The water was freezing! My brother had no idea why, he claimed that he had turned on the heater. At that moment, we all expected that there was something wrong with the heater. So my brother called the one company that he always calls when he has a problem with his pool, the best pool repair company in Boynton Beach, Pro Pool Repair, Inc.

We did not expect someone to come out to the house on a Sunday to fix the heater in the pool, but my brother assured me that we would be okay. I was a little skeptical, but I was hoping that he was right. He called Pro Pool Repair, Inc. and to my surprise, they answered the phone. I do not know of another pool repair company in Boynton Beach that works on a Sunday. My brother asked them if they would be able to send someone to take a look at the heater and sure enough, they did just that. It took the technician about one hour to get to my brothers house.

As soon as the technician got to the house we told him whatever we knew, which was not much. He told us that he was on it. He checked the pool heater and noticed the problem almost right away. He gave my brother the price and reassured him that no other pool repair company in Boynton Beach would be able to match that, and he seemed very sincere. My brother accepted the price, and it took about 30 minutes for the technician to fix the heater. Shortly after that, I was able to jump into a pool that was nice and warm.

Pro Pool Repair, Inc. offers a large variety of different services for pools. If, for some reason, your pump, filter, or heater is damaged, they can fix it within no time. If you happen to have a leak somewhere in your pool, they can take care of that too. They also offer remodeling of pools including resurfacing, tiling, decking, lighting, fountains, and waterfalls. Many of those are services that many other pool repair companies in Boynton Beach do not offer.

Pro Pool Repair, Inc. is one of the best pool repair companies in the Boynton Beach area. If I hear of anybody that is in need of their services in the area, I will be sure to recommend Pro Pool Repair, Inc. to them. They offer full pool and spa repair and remodeling services, and their prices are extremely competitive. I am sure my brother is more than just satisfied with their service.

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Visting My Mother in Dayton

Visiting My Mother in Dayton

Hello, Bruce here! So I visited my mother in Dayton over the weekend, and we went out for dinner. When we got back to her house, she kept on looking around her purse for her keys, and it just seemed like she did not know where they were. We pretty much expected that she left her keys on the counter, locked the door manually before we left the house, and forgot to take her keys. She can be forgetful at times. I am not too familiar with the area and the different companies that operate in the area. After skimming the internet looking at various companies that might be able to help, I found an excellent automotive locksmith company in Dayton, Dayton Locksmith.

When I called Dayton Locksmith, the operator answered the phone right away and transferred me directly to the technician. I spoke briefly to the technician, and he said that he just finished another job and should be there within a matter of 20 minutes. It sounded a little too good to be true but I told him that I will see him soon, and he confirmed. As he said, he got there 20 minutes later and was ready to begin working. You can tell that this was a great locksmith company in Dayton.

The technician asked my mother and me a few questions and started looking at the door. He gave me the price and it seemed extremely reasonable. There was absolutely no need to haggle. He finished the job in about five minutes. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was definitely a professional, no doubt about that. I gave him some cash, thanked him, and he was on his way. He was a great example of a great locksmith in Dayton.

Dayton Locksmith does not only deal with house doors; they offer many other services as well. If you accidentally lock yourself out of your car, they can unlock your car for you in moments. If, for some reason, you need the lock replaced on your door, the professionals at Dayton Locksmith can replace your lock quickly. They also deal with many locks that you would not expect. For example, if you need a new mailbox key that you have misplaced, they can create a replacement for that. If you have a cabinet that you never even had the key for because it is an antique, that key can be created as well. Any key you can think of, they can make it. That is what a top notch locksmith in Dayton is capable of.

If I am ever asked if I know of a locksmith company in Dayton, I will definitely refer them to Dayton Locksmith. Dayton Locksmith is the company that I will refer my friends and family to if they are ever in the area and need their services. Dayton Locksmith is also a 24/7 company so no matter what time of the day or day during the week you find yourself with the need of a locksmith company, you can call them and they will be there within the blink of an eye.

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Visiting My Sister in Aventura-1

Visiting My Sister in Aventura

Hi, Bruce here! So after visiting my sister’s house yesterday in Aventura, I tried to get into my car and noticed that my keys were not in my pocket. After attempting to go back and retrace my tracks, I looked into my car and noticed that my keys were on driver’s seat! I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I was locked out of my car. I assumed that the only thing that I can do was to smash my window so I can get to the keys and just have the window repaired later on. I did not want to do that, so I called my sister, and she said that it is not much of a problem, that I can call her locksmith company. She referred me to the best locksmith company in Aventura, Aventura Locksmith. Once calling Aventura Locksmith, I was greeted by a friendly operator, letting me know that everything was fine and that they can quickly resolve the problem. She said that they had already sent out the technician, she gave me the price over the phone, and she said the service call was free even if I did not accept the job. It took the locksmith less than 20 minutes to get to me, and he looked like he was prepared for anything.

When the locksmith arrived on the scene, I felt extremely relieved. Finally, I knew that I was going to be taken care of, and I will be able to take my car home. The only thing that concerned me was not knowing if the price that I received over the phone was going to be honored by the technician. In my past experiences with technicians in different service industries, I was always charged with additional hidden fees, so I assumed the same would happen with this locksmith company in Aventura. When the final invoice was finally written, I was relieved to see that it only included the job that the technician did and the quote that I received over the phone. I paid the technician with my credit card, thanked him, and he was on his way. Aventura Locksmith offers other services for those in need of a locksmith in Aventura. Not only can they unlock car doors, but if you accidentally get locked out of your house, they can get you back in quickly. If, for some reason, you need to change the lock on your front door, they can easily do that too. They can change the lock on any door for that matter. They can also access mailboxes and cabinets that you may have lost access to.

Aventura Locksmith is definitely a company that I would recommend to my friends and family in need of a locksmith in Aventura. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. They are also a 24/7 service so no matter what time of the day or week, they will be there for you no questions asked. Aventura Locksmith is definitely my go to locksmith company in Aventura.

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Visiting Jacksonville

Visiting Jacksonville

Hello, Bruce here! Last month I visited a friend of mine up in Jacksonville. He let me stay at his house for the weekend, and it was nice catching up with him. The second night that I was there, I heard a loud boom come from the garage. Worried that it was an intruder, I grabbed a bat and went over and saw absolutely nobody. Thinking I had just imagined it, I just went back to sleep. The next day when my friend tried to open the garage, it just did not work. I knew it had something to do with the load bang that I heard the night before. After a quick inspection, we found that one of the springs on top of the garage door had broken and split in two, we knew this had to be the problem. We called a few different garage door repair companies in Jacksonville and finally stumbled upon the perfect company that can solve this issue, 911 Garage Door Services.

As soon as I called, the operator was very friendly and patient. I told him what the issue was, and he knew exactly what I was talking about. He also gave me a quote over the phone that sounded relatively cheap and promised to honor that quote. He ensured me that the technician would give me a call within 10 minutes to schedule an appointment and five minutes later, I got the call. This garage door service company is local and in Jacksonville, so I knew the technician would be there soon. About 30 minutes after I initially received the call from the technician, he showed up and was ready to work.

As the technician was looking at the broken spring, he confirmed what we had originally thought, that because the spring broke the door was not opening. He further explained to us that the springs are there to make the door lighter, so when one of the springs breaks, there is nothing aiding the door in opening. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds if you were unaware. The technician quickly resolved the problem and the price that I was quoted on the phone was the final price that I received from the technician. I can say that he was the best garage door repair technician in Jacksonville, hands down.

911 Garage Door Services offers a full range of services to their clients. They don’t just fix broken garage doors, but they also do maintenance and tune-ups. If, for some reason, you are in need of a brand new door, they can install one in for you within a matter of no time. They are also one of the few garage door repair companies in the Jacksonville area that operate 24/7, so regardless of when the problem occurs, you can give them a call, and they will come.

I would recommend the services of 911 Garage Door Services to my friends and family in Jacksonville in need of a garage door repair company. They are one of the most professional and knowledgeable companies I have ever dealt with. Hand down!

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